over 7 years agoMarch 3, 2015
Brilliant, funny, clear and honest (Netfix, fridge grazing!, and utterly engaging.  I needed it and GOT it!  I'm so grateful.  Love you!  M.   PS:  I am too ill to travel down for my class for the first time since September---girl, I have been in a Resistance War with the wisdom and eloquence of my body.  Guess who won?  Your speech landed right in the center of my heart's core!  And I believe that in right timing, I will blossom.  Thank you, Wise Teacher whom I love and respect.
Merry Ross
over 7 years agoMarch 10, 2015
So amazing!!!!!  I love how vulnerable, funny, wise and solid you are.  i'm si lucky to call you my friend!!!!!
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